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While the Cauldron of Gaza Seethes

The Tireless Effort to Bring the Hostages Home


By Ian Ségal

28 February 2024

(Source: Karmel, 2023)

While the cauldron of Gaza seethes, churning its vehemence, a war being prosecuted to fully eliminate a terror that has survived by exploiting Palestinians obstinately compels the world to sympathize with its tenacious need to destroy Israel and Jews worldwide. At the same time, Israeli and American hostages remain abandoned in the subterranean depths of Gaza — its demonic underworld. The hostages, imprisoned by no fault of their own, are lucky to have a piece of fungal bread to eat. Additionally, many are ailing due to not having their medication, while others are deteriorating due to critical injuries inflicted by their Hamas terrorist hosts.


Those who have been violently raped and endured sexual violence are suffering various women’s health issues, including being impregnated by their terrorist rapists. Many of them, who were prisoners in Gazan residences, were reduced to ongoing sexual violence and carnal slavery. Still, the hostages are ignored, only supplanted by a populace that elected a terrorist organization to govern them and bring Gaza to war with Israel. There is no accountability on the part of Gaza or its insidious governing authority for the savagery they brought to the Land of Israel (Karmel, 2023).


(Source: Associated Press, 2023)

And while there were endless celebrations in the streets on October 7 for the barbarity they committed in Israel — akin to the same jubilation that Palestinians shared on 9/11 when almost 3,000 Americans were killed at the hands of Al-Qaeda — these same people shifted their narrative. They charged Israel with unjustified aggression and collective punishment in response to over 1,200 Israelis (the equivalent of 40,000 Americans) and other nationals being murdered, incinerated, mutilated, and decapitated. Others were sexually violated by the most depraved Hamas and Gazan terrorists — many gang-raped, breaking their pelvises, and then murdered; others were victims of pedophilia and necrophilia, and some rape survivors were taken back to Gaza to continue being sexually violated. If this wasn’t enough, the corpses of dead Jews were paraded through the streets of Gaza on October 7, with uncountable mobs of Gazans cheering and praising Allah — evidence of demented and wrangled minds.


(Source: Times of Israel - Staff, 2024)

Hamas, Gazans, and their supporters worldwide have gone so deplorably far as to declare that Israel is guilty of committing genocide. The irony is that on October 7, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, UNRWA employees, and thousands of Gazans (collectively referred to as terrorists) participated in executing their nefarious plan to commit genocide in Israel. They boisterously screamed in Arabic and Farsi, “Kill all the Jews,” not the Israelis; the fact that many spoke Farsi demonstrates that they were agents of Iran, who is fighting a proxy war with Israel by directing terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Houthis, and ISIS to affect unspeakable violence against Israel and the West.


The fundamental blaring problem here is that the aggressors — the collective whole of terrorists from Gaza, numbering in the tens of thousands, systematically shifted public opinion of them from diabolical butchers to being victims of a conflict they created by using fashioning falsified digital media and brainwashing countless sympathizers worldwide to attack the West and Jewish communities. The ensuing mental delinquency among those who have consciously chosen to support this unbridled wave of insidious terror harvested in Gaza has become a cultivator to the continuation of the de-evolution of the Palestinian people who have embraced Hamas with open arms — over 90% of Palestinians endorsing Hamas as their governors (Laub, 2023).


Yet, Israel pushes on, tirelessly dedicated to rescuing its hostages — several of whom happen to be United States citizens. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) experienced many casualties on the frontlines as they remained focused on crushing the entire Hamas terrorist infrastructure, which represents a palpable danger for the present and future of Israel’s survival in a chaotic world of unparalleled malevolence.

(Source: Gramer & Detsch, 2023)

In parallel, the United Nations (U.N.) — in its undeniable form — continues to point its proverbial finger in condemnation of Israel and its moral obligation to vanquish this satanic-wrought foe. The U.N. slurs and muffles its speech regarding Israel’s right to safety and security while bombastically preaching its proposal of a two-state solution — something that the Palestinians have rejected six times throughout history, beginning with their Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, in 1948 who instructed all Arabs to “Drive the Jews into the sea.” Interestingly, people like U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib invoked the words of the Grand Mufti, an ally of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, by galvanizing global mobs to embrace the mission to “Free Palestine from the river to the sea.” Neither of these declarations is inspirational to achieve peace and coexistence. As Tlaib infers from her vocalized vitriol, they disturbingly call for the universal extermination of all Jews — the very premise of genocide itself.


So, where are we today? Israel’s complete spectrum of political parties will no longer entertain a two-state solution, as it became evident that squeezing the tiny Jewish land further will dramatically compromise its sovereignty, security, and safety for all its citizens for generations to come. Additionally, Israel has also determined that those leaders and entities supporting the rampant hatching of terrorism against its nation, people, and Jews worldwide are no longer relevant to being a true partner for peace but enablers of unspeakable atrocities beyond the magnitude of what was witnessed on October 7, 2023.


(Source: Summers, 2024)

Israel is once again fighting a war for its survival. And no matter how tenacious its enemies are, who try desperately to erase the Jewish people from the world, every single hellion who rose against Israel to the Jewish people to their graves ended up as torn-out decomposing pages from history books — diminished, wasted, and forgotten as weeds grow from the earth above their hollowed corpses inside the disremembered garden of bones.



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